Thursday, April 12, 2012

Room with a View

In choosing a room people could look at size, comfort, amenities, proximity or distance from the elevator, and so forth. You could be asked to choose from single or twin beds, smoking or non-smoking, lower or higher floor, and so on. I think all this matters less. I singularly (well almost singularly) focus on the view. To me that makes such an enormous difference. It is the difference between waking up to glowing face versus a thud on the head. Of course Mr Emerson, from the movie Room with a View, would disagree, "I don't care what I see outside. My vision is within! Here is where the birds sing! Here is where the sky is blue!" he memorably said. Well I think taking a bit of help does no harm, once I see what there is - I can imagine whats beyond. What do you think?
Picture : Early morning view of Boston from Cambridge across the River Charles


  1. You know I would kill to have a room with this particular view!!

    But much before I actually set foot in Cambridge to experience this view in person, the image of the Charles river criss-crossed by the stone-laid bridges, sidelined by the walking paths and towering skyline of Beantowne was brought alive to me through the eloquent prose of Erich Segal in his novel 'Class' which I read as a teenager. Once I could fire my imagination of what could be, could I fuel my desire to get to what there was.

  2. So so true, the vision one wakes up to is all the difference between a great day and just another day:-)