Saturday, March 16, 2013

.................................The Conversation..........................

I dread middle seats
I fretted and blamed as I walked up to mine,
Kept looking back to see if I could find another place.
Till I fell in to a conversation

We spoke of many things.

Noam Chomsky
I had shook hands at a Cambridge cafe
Ten years in New York 
I want to live next the Central Park
Graduate School 
Know that experience
Urban Planning Architect
My dad was one
Competitions Won, And Lost
Never thought good guys could win these
A late inter-state marriage
Mine was early, and inter-states
Dimensions to the personality
I know what you mean
Public Spaces
The concept does not exist here!
Keeping a Green Card
10 year visa does it, I say
My sister talks a lot more
This is good
I am older than you think
Enjoy it while it lasts

Then I went.

Where do they go?
I want to build one!
Progressive Education
Like Maria Montessori?
Frequent travel to the south
Why there?
Residential School
How did you choose?
Nassim Taleb, Black Swan , Antifragile
Where is he? 
( Now, why would you ask me that)

Such Curiosity.
Time in America?
Maybe, or my dad perhaps

Still more...
Boring People
Middle Seats on planes
Etc Etc Etc

The plane landed. 
I remembered I was on a middle seat.
I never talk on planes.
I dread middle seats.
But look what happened.

* * *

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  1. hahaha... this is like a free verse poem! niceeee